Custom DigitalLearn Sites

Leverage PLAs premier digital literacy training site to empower the digital skills trainers in your library and the learners in your community by working with PLA to build a custom, branded DigitalLe arn site. The sites include any of DigitalLearn.orgs growing collection of courses, as well as any custom course and page content from your library.


Provide Personalized Training to Patrons

Help Learners visiting your librarys site can create and personalize their course lists, tailor content through a course recommendation tool, track progress, receive certificates for course completions, and access learning at any time.

Measure Your Impact

Track and demonstrate the impact of your digital literacy training through learner analytics.

Pricing & Features

Costs and features vary based on the customization plan you choose.

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Take a look at how libraries are using our custom sites.

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Develop Your Own Courses

Learn how to create courses to add to your DigitalLearn site with these simple tutorials.

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